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With Code Your Business, digital marketing over the World is now in your cards! In our terms we believe, “Being invisible is an exciting state to be in, unless you are a website.”

In recent years, the conventional markets have rapidly shifted online and the digital market shows no sign of slowing down anywhere in near future. Most products and services are now sold online with utmost efficiency. In these circumstances, it's only obvious to use the digital tools and services to optimize your websites and better your web ranking on search engines like Google. CodeYourBusiness has earned the title of " Best digital marketing company " in India because we are the only web optimizing digital marketing company that guarantees the growth to produce results that you can be proud of.

Without a doubt, digital technology is increasing day by day. The internet is an immense world. In fact, it is a world of its own. The simplest thing that can help the people and the businesses surf this huge universe are the search engines that roll the variety of websites on their pages according to the virtues of the websites. Search Engine Optimization refers to a particular form of Internet Marketing plan wherein a business attains the most excellent possible online visibility over the most well-liked search engines like Google and Bing. The online presence of any website is achieved through an integer focused On Page and Off Page strategies to get the business website to the Top 10 ranking. At Codeyourbusiness, we offer a range of services to assist your business do well and get to the top ranking on all search engines. We focus on raising your experience and getting you the necessary visibility for your business to serve up your possible customers to get Top Google Ranking services.

At Codeyourbusiness we simply think that in order to attain Google top 10 ranking we should only use the Organic SEO Techniques and that too very sensibly. This is the only method by which the businesses can dream to become the number one in upcoming time. The professionals we have are capable adequate to give your website a Guaranteed Top 10 Rankings in Google. With the amalgamation of search engine optimization techniques along with our proficiency and information of marketing and technology, we carry out a complete analysis of your business keywords, its competitiveness with your competitor’s keywords and then ensure a high ranking of the website.
Our company expert team of SEO webmasters follows search engine optimization strategies and algorithms in an accurate manner. We use latest search Engine Algorithms updates and SEO strategies to assist your website to grade top on a search engine. With our Top Google Ranking services, your online visibility will not be limited to the precise area but the website will be internationally recognized and have a worldwide exposure.


Well-versed expertise in Google Marketing that encourage us to offer A-Z solutions suitable for startups, enterprises and consumers.


We acknowledge and employ the power of social media to grow your business by creating various social media handles on all popular platforms, linking them to your website, and managing them for you. Our social media management team conducts extensive research and pinpoints where your target audience hangs out.


It is often said that Content is the king!
Our creative content writers and sales copywriters curate persuasive and intriguing content for your websites, blogs, application, social media handles, and advertisements that absorbs the visitors with its thought-provoking approach and results in generating more leads, clients, revenue and broadens your reach radically


Emails are the most efficient way to connect your clients, customers, and consumers on a more personal level and market your business most effectively.
We have a large database of the public and their interests that can be utilized to narrow down your potential clients. We deliver well written persuasive Emails to everyone on your email list to get your business the attention and popularity it deserves. Why wait any longer? Reach out to us and give your business a big push.

Google Ads

We help your business take first place on Google's search results by adopting PPC services offered by Google AdWords.
CodeYourbusiness SEO professionals know exactly how to use algorithms and Google's paid services to benefit your business in the most explicit manner to turn your business into the new Google trend.

YouTube marketing strategy

YouTube is the single most used video streaming platform that accommodates millions of active users and creators from all age groups, countries, domains, and communities; hence making it an excellent marketplace to find prospective customers and to expose your identity to the masses. We strategize a perfect marketing plan for your business on YouTube and promote your business by collaborating with popular channels at pocket-friendly prices.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most renowned social media platform available and has the largest people-oriented database. Facebook ads, if used intellectually with some expert guidance can bring loads of organic traffic and business opportunities to your website. CodeYourBusiness is at the apex of Facebook ads management.
Our social media managers figure out where your potential customers mingle, create a practical strategy, design, and manage Facebook ads, and also take care of all the nitty-gritty of ever-changing Facebook algorithms.